200 Queens Ave


Constructed 1956

Designed by Peter F. Tillmann with help from W.G. Davis

This building was one of the first Curtain Wall style buildings to be built in London.  This system shifted the main support to a center core system, allowing for lighter materials to be “hung” on the framework.  Architects could choose from glass, concrete and aluminum for the exterior features.  New design elements could be added to the fascia:  esthetics over necessity.

Standing 82ft above street level, this state of the art building boasts over 1400 windows, and faced Indiana limestone.  Described in a news article from November 16th, 1956 as, it was an “Imposing new face on stately Queens Ave.”  Features included high-speed elevators, climate control, and ice water fountains on every floor.  The underground parking further featured an electric door, opening and closing on your approach.  Each office was equipped with its own room vault, and a mailing chute.

Prior to the construction of 200 Queens Ave., the site was used as the rectory for the Very Rev. R.C. Brown, and his mother, who were relocated by the 200 Queens Ltd. in 1955.


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